Contents Of This Site

This site supplies you with all the tools you need for your credit self-defense plan, from getting your first loan or credit card all the way through reporting and rebuilding your credit after a disaster. This book is divided into nine chapters devoted to describing this process to you. Briefly, I’d like to introduce the remaining chapters to you.

  • 2 – “Credit” is a discussion about credit; what it is, how to get it, and how to keep it.
  • 3 – “Credit Repair Companies” is a discussion about credit repair companies and how they operate.
  • 4 – “Credit Reporting and Credit Reporting Agencies” is a discussion of how credit entries are tracked. It discusses how information is gathered, what kind of information is gathered, what is done with this information, and how errors commonly creep into the system.
  • 5 – “Credit Reports” is an in-depth discussion of credit reports, how to get them and more importantly, how to read them.
  • 6 “Credit Protection Laws” is a description of your rights under the law. It discusses the rights you have under the law and how you can use them to your benefit.
  • 7 – “The Credit Repair Process” is the heart of the entire book. This chapter gives a step-by-step guide to analyzing and repairing your credit report.
  • 8 – “Credit Repair Strategies” is a compendium of examples on how you might handle various complex situations. It takes you through the entire credit repair process for several different credit problems.
  • 9 – “Building/Rebuilding Credit” provides information on building credit if you are just starting out. It also provides information on how to rebuild a solid credit rating even if you still have bad credit.

Appendices are provided to answer commonly asked questions as well as providing detailed information on all those mysterious codes in your credit report. Also included are several sample letters for you to use when writing to various creditors and credit reporting agencies and information on how to sort out all those complex fields in your credit reports.