Credit Joker Free Credit Report Dispute Forms Instructions

Be sure to visit each credit bureau tab and complete each Credit Joker credit bureau specific form to make your free credit repair letters. You will be sending individual credit repair letters to each credit bureau. Not all credit bureau report the same information. Read the instructions below then choose one of the following credit bureau forms:

Dispute Form
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Dispute Form
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Dispute Form
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START HERE! Follow These Instructions.

  1. Fill out form, press submit: Once you have filled Credit Joker credit bureau specific form press submit. You will then receive an email. Open the email, copy and paste the content in to a blank word document in letter format. Create your free credit repair letter!
  2. Send Mail: Mail this credit repair letter to that specific credit bureau (i.e., Equifax, Trans Union, Experian). This is US Mail…not email. NOTE: Do not communicate with any credit bureau electronically. No online forms, no email. Always use US Mail!!!
  3. Mailing Addresses: You can find each credit bureau mailing address on top of the emailed information (top of form).
  4. Wait For Reply: Wait for a mailed reply from each credit bureau, or 30 days, whichever comes 1st and review results (US Mail). Most likely you will send another free credit repair letter…see below.
  5. Delete any successfully disputed accounts. IMPORTANT: Delete any successfully disputed accounts from the next batch letters. Do not send in the next batch of letters in with successfully disputed information on it.
  6. Repeat Process: If some items have not been deleted or updated indicated from the credit bureaus reply, SEND IN ANOTHER FREE CREDIT REPAIR LETTER.
  7. Do Not Stop & Maintenance: Keep sending credit repair letters until everything is updated on your credit report. Some items will not come off…just depends on the type of account. Some items will come back. If this happens, send credit repair letters…again and again!

Good luck and pass on the good word about!

NOTE: The content of these forms will be emailed to you for future reference and comparison. Keep track of your free credit repair letters. Be sure to look in your spam folder if you do not see the emails.